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"Finding Solutions for Our Planet: IoT and Earth Observation Unified"

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Who We Are

Plan-S, established in 2021, is a private initiative in Türkiye's space technology industry, prioritizing innovation and commercialization in satellite technology.

With notable successes in designing and manufacturing satellites for IoT connectivity and Earth Observation, such as Connecta T1.1 and Connecta T1.2, the company boasts a swift development cycle and a growing intellectual property portfolio.

Our comprehensive approach, covering satellite design, ground station operations, IoT integration, and customized software interfaces, positions them as a versatile solution provider, addressing a wide range of challenges with space technology.

Plan-S is uniquely poised for growth, focusing on diversifying its capabilities and strengthening its role in the global space technology sector.

What We Do

Data Collection

Connecta IoT System:

Connecta IoT System enhances efficiency, security, and sustainability in energy, agriculture, transportation, environment, maritime, finance sectors. It offers global energy monitoring, improves agriculture with data analysis, aids in transport security, provides environmental disaster response, ensures maritime security, and supports risk assessment and fraud prevention. Utilizing sensors and data analytics, Connecta optimizes performance across industries for global asset monitoring and tailored solutions.

IoT Connectivity.01
Environmental Observation

Global Monitoring

Earth observation offers many benefits such as environmental monitoring with high-resolution satellite imagery and sensors, increasing the sustainability of agriculture, improving land transport, ensuring maritime safety, risk assessment in the financial and insurance sectors, and supporting the sustainability of the energy sector. This technology provides data and information to deliver environmental, economic and societal benefits.

Earth Observation.02
Space Technology

Space as a Solution:

Under the title "Space as a Solution", Plan-S aims to use space-based technologies to increase agricultural productivity, improve disaster management, conduct environmental monitoring and optimise urban planning. High-resolution satellite imagery, data analytics and space technologies are being used to support fast and effective decision-making processes in different sectors. This is an important step towards developing more sustainable and safe solutions.


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