IoT Connectivity

Plan-S's IoT

In a world where 85% of the Earth's surface remains without terrestrial networks due to geographic and economic constraints, Plan-S utilizes satellite technology to bridge this connectivity gap. The essence of IoT connectivity lies in its ability to link industrial sites, ships, plants, farms, mines and various facilities in these uncovered areas where internet connectivity is essential.

Satellite connectivity is an essential solution for seamlessly connecting IoT devices and machines, regardless of their location. This is particularly critical for Industrial IoT/M2M applications, where satellite connectivity provides the monitoring and control of sensors, machines and valuable assets, increasing productivity and efficiency.

Plan-S's commitment to addressing global challenges and creating a sustainable future is further exemplified by the innovative features of the Connecta IoT System. This cutting-edge system is optimized for massive narrowband IoT connectivity, offering unparalleled cost efficiency, exceptional reliability, low latency, and comprehensive global coverage. The Connecta IoT System serves as a catalyst for the seamless development and deployment of IoT applications across diverse industries, irrespective of geographical boundaries or time constraints.

Connecta IoT System

A distinguishing feature of the Connecta IoT System is its Hybrid Direct-to-Satellite (D2S) and Gateway-to-Satellite (G2S) connectivity. This dual-approach offers remarkable flexibility, enabling dual-connectivity options and seamless integration with existing systems. Customers benefit from effortless access to their data through cloud-based services and APIs, while web-based or mobile applications are empowered with robust data analysis and analytics capabilities.

The backbone of this system is the Connecta IoT Satellite constellation, comprising more than 100 satellites strategically positioned to provide an unparalleled global coverage, minimal latency, and high capacity. This constellation approach ensures that IoT applications can flourish anywhere on Earth, unhindered by connectivity barriers.

Ground Stations, distributed across various locations, play a pivotal role in the Connecta IoT System. They facilitate real-time download of the collected IoT data and the swift upload of control messages, forming a cohesive ecosystem that ensures an uninterrupted and seamless data flow.

The Connecta IoT System customizes its connectivity methods to particular usecases:

Direct-to-Satellite(D2S) Connectivity: suiting smart agriculture, asset tracking, and forest monitoring, D2S connectivity functions best in situations defined by small datasizes, widespread device distribution, or mobility requirements. This technique guarantees the speedy transmission of crucial data without any efficiency degradation.

Gateway-to-Satellite(G2S) Connectivity is the superior solution for environments with high density, such as container ships, cities, mines, or energy generation sites. Its capacity to navigate challenging surroundings while maintaining a robust connection underscores its suitability for demanding use cases.

High/massive number of connected devices with low data rate requirements:

With many connected devices having low data rate requirements, Plan-S's satellite connectivity solution is ideal for scaling up and efficiently handling a large number of IoT devices with varying data rate requirements. Satellites are a vital aspect of Plan-S's strategy, capable of satisfying diversified data transmission necessities while ensuring cost-effective connectivity.

Limited coverage of cellular networks:

In areas where terrestrial cellular networkscover only 10% of the world's surface, Plan-S's satellite connectivity steps in as a comprehensive solution. By providing global coverage, Plan-S ensures that IoT devices in remote and underserved regions remain connected, facilitating uninterrupted data transmission and real-time monitoring.

Heterogeneous network of devices:

Plan-S's IoT connectivity platform is designed to accommodate the variety of devices from different manufacturers that make up the heterogeneous IoT landscape. Through standardized protocols and integration capabilities, Plan-S streamlines the process of connecting and managing devices, ensuring compatibility and ease of management.

Enormous investment necessities for expanding cellular networks:

Satellite-based IoT connectivity provides a cost-effective alternative to extending terrestrial cellular networks. With smaller upfront investment requirements and reduced infrastructure development,
Plan-S's solution offers a viable way to provide connectivity in areas where traditional expansion would be economically prohibitive.

Connectivity issues during IoT application Proof of Concept (PoC):

Plan-S's satellite connectivity solution addresses the connectivity challenges faced during the PoC stage of IoT applications. By ensuring robust and reliable connectivity, Plan-S minimizes disruptions and technical barriers that often hinder the successful implementation of IoT initiatives.

High prices not responding to massive connections in low bandwidth, high latency scenarios:

High prices do not respond well in scenarios with massive connectionsin low bandwidth and high latency. Plan-S prioritises cost-effective connectivity, making it well-suited for such environments. By optimising small satellite technology and leveraging economies of scale, Plan-S offers asolution that aligns with the demands of high-volume, resource-efficient IoT deployments.


The Connecta IoT System, a cornerstone of Plan-S's innovative approach, holds immense potential for transforming the maritime industry.
Plan-S's Connecta IoT System, designed with a visionary approach, offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to cater to the agriculture industry's unique needs.
The Connecta IoT System by Plan-S presents a transformative solution for the energy industry, revolutionizing the way energy is generated, distributed, and managed.
Environmental and Climate
Plan-S's Connecta IoT System emerges as a pivotal solution for the Environmental & Climate industry, aligning seamlessly with the sector's mission of safeguarding the planet and combating climate change.
Ground Transportation
The Connecta IoT System offered by Plan-S brings revolutionary solutions to the Ground Transportation industry, reshaping how vehicles are managed, monitored, and optimized for efficiency and safety.
Finance and Insurance
Plan-S's Connecta IoT System holds significant potential for transforming the Finance & Insurance industry, offering a range of innovative features that can enhance risk assessment, streamline processes, and foster greater accuracy in financial and insurance services.