EO Solutions for
Energy Industry

The energy sector is undergoing significant transformations as the world seeks cleaner, more efficient and sustainable power sources. Earth Observation (EO) services, such as those provided by Plan-S, offer a wealth of insight that can play a crucial role in developing and optimizing energy solutions.

Site Selection for Renewable Energy Facilities:

Location is crucial for renewable energy projects such as wind and solar farms. Plan-S's high-resolution satellite imagery and topographic data help identify the most suitable areas for these facilities. By evaluating factors such as solar radiation, wind patterns and terrain, energy companies can find optimal locations that promise maximum energy yields.

Monitoring Existing Energy Infrastructure:

Whether it is oil pipelines, power grids or wind turbines, maintaining the health and efficiency of energy infrastructure is crucial. Our EO capabilities provide real-time monitoring of large energy infrastructures, helping to detect potential problems such as pipeline leaks or damage to solar panels. Quickly identifying such issues enables timely maintenance, ensuring continuous energy supply and minimizing environmental impact.

Forecasting Energy Production:

Plan-S helps predict renewable energy production through its ability to capture dynamic environmental data. For example, monitoring cloud cover can help predict solar output, while monitoring wind patterns can provide insights into potential wind power generation. Such forecasts are vital for grid balancing and ensuring a stable energy supply.

Environmental Impact Assessments:

Before establishing new energy projects, it is crucial to assess their potential environmental impact. Plan-S can help identify sensitive ecosystems, habitats and water resources using multi-spectral imagery. This helps energy companies plan their projects to minimize ecological disruption and comply with environmental regulations.

Monitoring Carbon Emissions and Pollution:

For traditional energy sectors such as coal and oil, thereis a growing need to monitor and manage carbon emissions. Plan-S's EO technology candetect and measure emissions from power plants and refineries through specialized sensors. This data is vital for companies striving for regulatory compliance and more sustainable operations.

Exploration of Energy Sources:

When exploring new potential energy sources, such as geothermal hotspots or untapped hydroelectric sites, detailed Earth Observation data is invaluable. Plan-S's EO services provide detailed geological and hydrological information, guiding exploration teams to areas with the highest energy potential.

Security and Asset Protection:

Energy infrastructures can be vast and are often located in remote areas, making them vulnerable to unauthorized activities or vandalism. With real-time monitoring capabilities, We can help protect these assets by detecting unusual movements or activities, ensuring both the security and uninterrupted operation of energy facilities.

Customized Solutions for Different Energy Needs:

Understanding the heterogeneity of the energy sector, Plan-S offers customized EO solutions. Whether an energy company is focused on maximizing offshore wind energy installations or wants to optimize the routing of new transmission lines, We can tailor its data and analytics to meet these unique requirements.

Earth Observations Solutions for Energy


In summary, Plan-S's Earth Observation services are a cornerstone in the evolving landscape of theenergy sector. By delivering precise, actionable and timely insights, itenables energy companies to operate efficiently, sustainably and innovatively, guiding the industry towards a brighter and greener future.

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