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Financial & Insurance Transformation

Traditionally seen as distinct from the field of Earth Observation (EO), the financial and insurance sectors are increasingly utilizing satellite-based information for risk assessment, asset management and decision-making. With its innovative EO capabilities, Plan-S provides the financial and insurance sectors with powerful tools to make more informed decisions.

Asset Monitoring and Valuation:

For financial institutions with large physical assets or infrastructure investments, real-time monitoring can be invaluable. Whether it's overseeing the construction of a funded infrastructure project or assessing the current condition of an insured property, we provide the detailed imagery and data needed for accurate asset valuation and monitoring.

Risk Assessment for Insurance:

Using Plan-S's EO services, insurance companies can assess the risks associated with natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, or wildfires. Prior to providing coverage for a property, insurers can determine its susceptibility to flooding, for instance, by scrutinizing topographical and historical flood data.

Agricultural Finance and Crop Insurance:

Financial institutions that offer loans to farmers, and insurance companies that provide crop insurance, can utilise the detailed imagery from Plan-S to evaluate crop health, estimate yields, and monitor field conditions. This data is essential to make effective underwriting decisions and payout calculations.

Environmental and Climate Risk Assessment:

As the effects of climate change become more apparent, financial institutions are considering environmental risks in their investment strategies. Plan-S provides data on potential sea level rise, rising temperatures, or changing patterns of precipitation that can affect asset valuations and inform sustainable investment strategies.

Claims Fraud Detection:

Insurance companies can use Plan-S's high-resolution imagery to verify claims. For example, in the case of a property damage claim after a disaster, satellite imagery can be used to verify the extent and nature of the damage, ensuring that payouts are accurate and fair.

Real Estate and Infrastructure Development:

For banks financing real estate development or infrastructure projects, EO data offers insights into the best locations based on environmental factors, existing infrastructure and potential future risks. This helps with more informed lending decisions.

Catastrophic Event Modeling:

By analyzing historical EO data, insurers can model potential future catastrophic events and their impact. This predictive modeling helps insurers set premiums, build reserves and design coverage strategies accordingly.  

Monitoring Economic Activity:

Financial analysts and institutions can use satellite data to measure economic activity in a region, such as construction rates, urbanization trends, or agricultural productivity. Such information can be useful for investment decisions and macroeconomic analysis.

Customized Solutions for Financial Analysis:

Given the different needs of the financial and insurance sectors, Plan-S offers customized EO solutions. Whether it is a hedge fund looking to forecast commodity prices based on agricultural trends or an insurer looking to assess the risks of coastal properties, we can customize its data services to meet these specific requirements.

The Connecta EO Finance&Insurance

The financial and insurance sectors stand to gain greatly from the detailed, real-time and predictive insights offered by Plan-S's Earth Observation services. By integrating these data-driven tools into their decision-making processes, companies can mitigate risks, optimize investments and create innovative financial products fit for a changing world.

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