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Who We Are

Plan-S, established in 2021, is a private initiative which reflects the global emphasison commercialization, mirroring the entrepreneurial spirit of “New Space” movement. Specifically exploring satellite technologies for IoT connectivity, Earth observation and Space as a Solution Plan-S stands as a beacon of innovation, combining cutting-edge technology development with commercial strategies.

Plan-S is rapidly carving a distinctive place for itself in Türkiye’s satellite and space technologies industry. Our commitment is not only to ride the wave of current technology trends but also to be a pioneer in IoT connectivity and Earth Observation. This drive is powered by a formidable team of intrepid, dedicated, and visionary professionals who are not content with following established patterns; We're set on creating them.


Plan-S's expertise in satellite technology is evident in its successes. Plan-S has created a series of satellites designed, manufactured, assembled, tested and integrated in-house, including ConnectaT1.1 and Connecta T1.2 for IoT connectivity, as well as Connecta 2.1, the company's first step into Earth Observation.

Plan-S's efficiency is highlighted by the rapid development of these satellites, particularly Connecta T1.1 and Connecta T1.2, which were completed in eight and five months respectively. However, Plan-S is more than just hardware. Our invested interest in innovation is evident in our intellectual property portfolio. 13 patents are currently pending approval, and 4 are in the drafting phase, displaying our intention to be at the forefront of technological advancements in the space sector.


Ground operations remain a pillar of Plan-S's strategy. Three ground stations,"Plan-S ATA" & "Plan-S ANKR" in Ankara and "Plan-SERZRM" in Erzurum, provide robust operational control, enhancing safety, reliability and flexibility.


"Space as a Solution" is more than a service, it is a revolution in the way Plan-S sees and uses space.  Plan-S provides a complete package that istailored to each customer's unique requirements.

From the primary stages of satellite design and manufacturing to the installation of ground stations, from the integration of IoT devices to the creation of customized software interfaces, Plan-S covers the entire spectrum. However, it does not stop there; launch coordination and comprehensive user training are seamlessly orchestrated to provide customers with a complete Earth Observation satellite system. This adaptability empowers Plan-S to incorporate space technology in domains where conventional methods are insufficient, specifically in introducing advanced internet connectivity solutions.

With capabilities spanning the entire satellite lifecycle, from mission conceptualization to operational execution, Plan-S is uniquely positioned for growth. The addition of IoT Connectivity, Earth Observation services and an emerging patent portfolio underscore desire of Plan-S to diversify and strengthen the role in the global space technology sector.

Pioneering Spirit in Türkiye's Space Industry:

Plan-S is committed to leading the way in IoT connectivity and Earth Observation within Türkiye's space technology sector, driven by an innovative team.

Efficient Satellite Development:

Plan-S demonstrates efficiency in satellite development, with rapid completion of projects like Connecta T1.1 and T1.2 for IoT connectivity.

Commitment to Innovation:

Plan-S's dedication to innovation is evident in its extensive intellectual property portfolio, with numerous patents pending approval.

End-to-End Space Solutions:

Plan-S provides comprehensive space solutions, from satellite design to integrated IoT and Earth Observation services, addressing a wide range of challenges.

Our Story

In the summer of 2021, a new name appeared on the horizon of the space industry: Plan-S. Founded in July, it marked not only the birth of a company, but also the dawn of a new vision. It was the initiation of a vision, aimed at reshaping the future of satellite and space technologies within Türkiye and beyond. Focusing on two main missions: IoT communication and Earth Observation, Plan-S was building a team of experts in their respective fields, while also making plans for the near future satellite constellation. By November of the same year, Plan-S had already begun charting its ambitious course in space by signing an important multi-launch agreement with ExoLaunch, paving the way for collaborations with industry giants such as SpaceX. It was clear from the outset: Plan-S wasn't here to follow – they were here to lead.


2022 was a year in which Plan-S did not rest on its laurels. In March, less than a year after its founding, the company recognised the title of "A Great Place to Work", a testament to their commitment to excellence and employeewell-being. In April, the team celebrated receiving the Dragonfly Aerospace Caiman Imager Award and strengthened its ground operationsby establishing the ATA station in Ankara.


May 2022 marked a significant milestone. The skies witnessed the rise of our first IoT satellite, Connecta T1.1, completed in 8 months. Launched with SpaceX's Transporter 5 Mission, this satellite was a testament to their prowess –designed for IoT connectivity trials and showcasing Plan-S's proprietary subsystems. This wasn't a years-long project; we achieved this remarkable feat in less than eight months. Almost simultaneously with its launch, Plan-S efficiently received its beacon message, setting the stage for its successful commissioning. As summer reached its peak, Connecta T1.1 proved its operational capability to the fullest by surprisingly transmitting its first image using its camera payload. At the end of the year, we expanded our network and influence by joining prestigious organizations such as the International Astronautical Federation and the International Telecommunication Union.


The momentum carried into 2023. January witnessed the launch of Connecta T1.2 with SpaceX's Transporter 6 Mission, a satellite equipped with cutting-edge features like a Software-Defined-Radio and a deployable selfie-cam, completed in just five months, was successfully launched and rapidly commissioned. Horizons expanded with the launch of IoT waveform tests on the satellite and the company's portfolio of satellite services grew with unique offerings like the Earth-selfie video from Connecta T1.2. This month also saw Plan-S join the LoRa Alliance, reinforcing our commitment to cutting-edge communication technologies. In March, the company added another feather toits cap with the installation of its second ground station, ERZRM, at Erzurum Technical University.


April was another milestone for Plan-S. We not only launched the Connecta T2.1 with SpaceX's Transporter 7 mission, taking a step forward in Earth Observation and high-resolution imaging, but we also demonstrated unmatched efficiency by receiving its beacon message just 7 seconds after deployment. The rapid commissioning that followed, completed in less than two weeks, was another testament to Plan-S's skill. Moreover, their inclusion in the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) highlighted their determination to align with top-notch standards in telecommunications.


As spring turned to summer, in May 2023, the process that began two years earlier came full circle. Connecta T2.1 sent its first image back to Earth and Plan-S was recognized for the second time as "A Great Place to Work".


Looking forward to November 2023, Plan-S is poised to redefine satellite communication with the anticipated launch of twin satellites, Connecta T3.1 & T3.2. Designed for inter-satellite link technology development, these satellites further prove Plan-S's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Space as a Solution

At this point, Plan-S has become a global space industry player that carries out all of its own satellite design, production, assembly, testing, and integration processes, builds and controls its ground stations, manages software for satellites and ground stations, and provides "Space as a Solution" services by blending all these processes.

Story of Ambition, Innovation, and the Undying Spirit of Discovery

Our trajectory, marked by technological breakthroughs and an unwavering commitment to excellence, positions us as notjust participants, but game-changers in the ever-evolving world of space technology. Plan-S's journey from its humble beginnings to its meteoric rise is not just a technology and space story. It is a story of ambition, innovation, and the undying spirit of discovery.

Our Vision

Plan-S will strategically position its satellite constellation in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), leveraging this orbital choice to perfectly align with its business strategy centered around IoT connectivity and Earth Observation services. Operating at an altitude 550 kilometers from the Earth's surface, this sweet spot will ensure an optimal balance between various factors including efficient launch logistics, global coverage, extended satellite lifespan, and the delivery of high-quality services.

At the heart of Plan-S's satellite network lie over 100 "nano-satellites. "This deliberate selection reflects Plan-S's astute recognition of the manifold advantages offered by this satellite category, which intricately tie into the initiative's overarching goals.

Foremost among these advantages is the substantially lower cost associated with satellite development and deployment. In stark contrast to their larger counterparts, satellites demand significantly fewer resources and materials. Moreover, their construction can be streamlined by incorporating commercially available off-the-shelf (COTS) components, further contributing to cost-effectiveness—a cornerstone of Plan-S's business approach.

However, it's not just the cost savings that underscore the appeal of satellites for Plan-S. Their hallmark characteristic lies in their rapid development and deployment cycle. This inherent agility enables Plan-S to quickly react to market changes, meet evolving customer demands with impressive speed, and implement original solutions within tight deadlines.

Technological prowess is another facet of satellites that Plan-S artfully harnesses. Advances in miniaturization, electronics, and computing have culminated in the development of highly capable satellites. These technological strides empower Plan-S's satellites to execute complex tasks with finesse, encompassing activities such as high-resolution imaging, Earth Observation, and seamless communication capabilities.

An area where satellites excel and seamlessly align with Plan-S's strategy is forming constellation networks. Constellations consist of more than 100 satellites working in tandem, and they are particularly well-suited to provide global coverage, rapid revisit rates, and enhanced capabilities. This approach synergizes seamlessly with the multifaceted demands of Plan-S's clientele.

Finally, Plan-S recognizes and addresses the growing demand for cost-effective services, particularly in the areas of IoT connectivity, Earth Observation, maritime, agriculture, energy, environment & climate, ground transportation, finance & insurance. By strategically leveraging the strengths of satellites, Plan-S is well-positioned to deliver cutting-edge solutions that balance technological innovation with practical market needs.

In addition, Plan-S's commitment to securing a sustainable future for our planet and promoting a livable environment for generations to come is underscored by its comprehensive satellite-based services.

Harnessing the potential of satellites and cutting-edge technology, Plan-S is extending its reach beyond IoT connectivity and Earth Observation to critical areas. By vigilantly monitoring illegal logging, rapidly responding to marine pollution, promoting sustainable fisheries through fish stock detection, and enabling holistic environmental resource management that includes land use, deforestation, soil health, and water bodies, Plan-S is ensuring its role in safeguarding the world's ecological balance and creating a more promising future.