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Envisioning space is challenging. But we have a vision, and we love a challenge.

We are Türkiye's largest private initiative in satellite and space technologies. We also are:

-Great Place To Work certified. Recognizing employers who create an outstanding employee experience

-Driven by our sense of mission. Taking responsibility for achieving our vision

- A team of hard workers, assisted by our company culture; empowering autonomy and personal growth

-Offering you, our new potential colleague; a competitive compensation package.


- Unlimited access to acquire books.

- Subscriptions to chosen scientific journals, Youtube Premium, Spotify, and Storytel

- Flexible working hours and the option to work hybrid.

When the topic of conversation is space, it's always worth giving it a shot.

Plan-S has a corporate culture that perfectly aligns with its dynamic approach to business and promotes an atmosphere of innovation, teamwork, and development. This culture is infused throughout the company, influencing how teams engage, communicate, and strive for shared objectives.  

1. Embracing Curiosity and Continuous Learning:

At Plan-S, ignorance is not a barrier; it is a chance. The culture inspires team members to adopt a proactive curiosity for discovery and learning. Instead of accepting their lack of knowledge, individuals are determined to explore and find solutions that align with the organisation's dedication to progress and originality.

2. Open and Transparent Communication:

At Plan-S, communication is marked by transparency and honesty. There's an encouragement for team members to share their opinions and emotions freely, leading to an environment that respects diverse perspectives. This open communication culture fosters collaboration and sparks innovation.

3. Versatility and Collaboration:

The company's emphasis on versatile team members demonstrates the significance it attaches tomulti-faceted solutions. At Plan-S, individuals do not confine themselves to specific roles; they eagerly collaborate across disciplines, taking on various responsibilities to contribute to tasks beyond their expertise.

4. Ownership and Initiative:

In a Plan-S culture, roles and responsibilities extend beyond job descriptions. Team members proactively identify tasks and take ownership of their work. Their willingness to take the initiative when necessary shows their commitment to the success and development of the organisation.

5. Collective Mindset and Constructive Feedback:

At Plan-S, we value the importance of a collective mindset. Our team members provide feedback not only within their own roles, but also in relation to broader issues. This collaborative feedback loop promotes a culture of ongoing improvement, where every voice is heard and contributes towards enhancing the effectiveness of our strategies and processes.

6. Agile Communication and Team Synergy:

With efficiency as a top priority, Plan-S endorses agile communication methods throughout the organisation. The culture highlights swift and efficient communication, aligning with the high-speednature of the space technology industry. This strategy boosts team synergy and expedites decision-making procedures.

7. Ego-Free Collaboration:

The Plan-S team acknowledges that individual achievements flourish when shared collectively. The lack of "EGO" enables team members to emphasize collaboration over personal recognition, promoting a sense of solidarity and mutual assistance.

8. Humility and Growth Mindset:

The members of the Plan-S team stay humble while rejoicing in their breakthrough achievements. They know that each success is a milestone and appreciate the significance of humbleness in striving toward excellence. 

9. Work-Life Playmates:

The concept of "corporate family" takes on a new perspective at Plan-S. Here, team members see themselves as playmates who balance hard work with a shared understanding of "work hard, play harder". This balance fosters camaraderie and creates a positive, vibrant work environment.

10. Idea-Driven Conversations:

In line with our innovative approach to work, Plan-S prioritizes exploring events and ideas over individual efforts. Discussions can around exchanging insights, brainstorming, and cultivating ideas that advance our organisation. 

The merging of Plan-S's business approach with the corporate culture creates a dynamic synergy that drives the organization forward. This culture not only supports the rapid development of cutting-edge technologies and services but also fosters an environment where team members thrive, collaborate, and collectively contribute to the organization's pioneering journey in the satellite and space technologies sector.

"Envisioning space is challenging. But we have a vision, and we love a challenge."

Our recruitment process is a journey through stages that reflect the essence of our corporate culture at Plan-S. Our aim is to recruit team members who are aligned with our values. To achieve this, each potential candidate undergoes a comprehensive assessment journey.


Starting with a behavioural assessment supported by a skills inventory, we seek to understand the fit between the candidate's disposition and our culture. This is followed by a technical and professional assessment, enriched by a relevant case study reflecting real-life scenarios. Finally, we bring the essence of the game to our assessment process.


In the final stage of our assessment, we added a fun element by playing different board games specific to each position. This stage is designed to be both fun and educational for both the candidate and us. We believe in the importance of finding new playmates who see their work as an engaging endeavour and see us as their companions on this journey.


The selection of board games goes beyond entertainment. Each game has been carefully selected to match the skills relevant to different departments. For Engineering, problem solving is key; for Procurement, Sales and Finance, negotiation skills are key; and for Corporate Communications and People & Culture, creativity is emphasized.


Before the game session, we provide information to candidates regarding the selected game. Additionally, we form a group of team members with whom the candidate will work closely. This collaborative approach allows each participant to fully engage with the game. It is particularly gratifying to see our new colleagues relish this interactive and enjoyable final stage of their interview.


Beyond the laughter and shared excitement, these gaming sessions act as a catalyst for seamless workplace integration. Our new team members establish a unique bond and positive workplace experience on their inaugural day. This common ground created through board games reflects the camaraderie shared by our whole team. Whilst the results may differ, the underlying spirit of unity and connection remains constant.

"Worst case scenario, we’ll have a brick in space. Scared? No? Then what are you waiting for?"

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