EO Solutions
For Agriculture

Agriculture as an industry is increasingly turning to advanced technological solutions to increase productivity, optimize resource use and ensure sustainability. Plan-S is uniquely positioned to empower the agriculture sector with comprehensive Earth Observation (EO) services.

Precision Agriculture:

Utilizing high-resolution imagery from satellites, Plan-S assists farmers and agronomists in precision agriculture practices. This approach allows for precise application of inputs such as water, fertilizer and pesticides, ensuring maximum crop yields while minimizing resource waste. By accurately mapping fields, farmers can identify variability in soil health and moisture levels and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Crop Health Monitoring:

Using multi-spectral imagery, Plan-S's EO services can detect subtle changes in crop health that are invisible to the naked eye. By assessing changes in light reflected from crops, farmers can identify areas affected by diseases, pests orother stressors early on, allowing for timely interventions and thus maintaining yields.

Irrigation Management:

Water scarcity is a growing concern worldwide. Our EO data helps farmers optimize irrigation schedules by providing detailed information on soil moisture levels. By ensuring that water is only applied where and when it is needed, farmers can conserve this precious resource while ensuring optimal growing conditions.

Crop Yield Forecasting:

With a combination of historical and real-time EO data, we can help predict crop yields. By analyzing factors such as plant health, growth rates and comparing them to historical trends, farmers can get a clearer picture of their expected yields and enable better market planning and logistics.

Land Use Optimization:

Plan-S's EO services enable farmers to make informed decisions about crop rotations and land use through advanced topographic and soil data analysis. Understanding which land areas are best suited for specific crops can lead to increased productivity and soil health in the long term.

Disaster Monitoring and Mitigation:

Agriculture is vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods, droughts and storms. The ability of Plan-S's ground stations to collect and transmit data quickly allows farmers to receive timely warnings about impending disasters. This aids early preparedness and can potentially save both crops and lives.

Specialized Data Services for Specific Needs:

Recognizing that every farm and region can have its own unique challenges and requirements, Plan-S offers tailored EO solutions. Whether a vineyard owner is interested in monitoring grape ripening for the perfect harvest moment, or a large agribusiness wants to monitor large fields for uniform growth, our services can be customized to fit specific agricultural needs.

Earth Observation Solutions for Agriculture

Plan-S's Connecta IoT System revolutionizes the agriculture industry by bringing advanced connectivity, data insights, and real-time monitoring to farms.
By enabling precision farming, reducing resource wastage, enhancing productivity, and ensuring environmental sustainability, Plan-S contributes significantly to shaping the future of agriculture, making it more resilient and responsive to the challenges of the modern world.

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