IoT Solutions for
Agriculture Industry

Plan-S's Connecta IoT System, designed with a visionary approach, offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to cater to the agriculture industry's unique needs. Leveraging the system's cutting-edge capabilities, We are poised to revolutionize the way agriculture is practiced, enhancing productivity, sustainability, and efficiency.

Massive Narrowband IoT Connectivity:

The Connecta IoT System is optimized for massive narrowband IoT connectivity, a critical factor for agriculture applications. This ensures that even in remote or rural areas where traditional connectivity might be lacking, farmers can access real-time data from their fields and assets, enabling informed decision-making.

Global Coverage and Low Latency:

The constellation of more than 100 Connecta IoT Satellites guarantees global coverage, ensuring that agricultural operations across the world can benefit from the system's capabilities. Low latency communication facilitates rapid data transmission, enabling timely responses to changing conditions.

Hybrid Connectivity Options:

With the Hybrid Direct-to-Satellite (D2S) and Gateway-to-Satellite (G2S) connectivity options, the Connecta IoT System adapts seamlessly to diverse agricultural landscapes. D2S connectivity suits scenarios like wide-spaced farms or mobile machinery, while G2S connectivity serves well in dense environments such as greenhouses or orchards.

Data-Driven Insights:

Through cloud-based services and APIs, farmers gain easy access to their agricultural data. Web based or mobile applications empowered with data analysis and analytics capabilities provide valuable insights into crop health, soil conditions, irrigation needs, and more.

Smart Agriculture Applications:

The Connecta IoT System's D2S connectivity is ideal for smart agriculture applications. It enables real-time monitoring of soil moisture, weather conditions, and crop health. Data collected from sensors distributed across fields help optimize irrigation schedules, reduce water wastage, and enhance overall crop yield.

Asset Tracking and Security:

G2S connectivity supports asset tracking, a vital aspect of modern agriculture. It aids in tracking valuable equipment, vehicles, and machinery, reducing losses due to theft and ensuring timely maintenance.

Environmental Monitoring:

The Connecta IoT System plays a pivotal role in environmental monitoring. Sensors placed throughout farms collect data on temperature, humidity, and other relevant parameters, enabling farmers to make informed decisions regarding planting, harvesting, and pest control.

Sustainability and Resource Management:

By providing real-time data on soil conditions and crop health, the Connecta IoT System helps farmers optimize the use of fertilizers and pesticides, reducing environmental impact and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.

The Connecta IoT System for Agriculture

Plan-S's Connecta IoT System revolutionizes the agriculture industry by bringing advanced connectivity, data insights, and real-time monitoring to farms. By enabling precision farming, reducing resource wastage, enhancing productivity, and ensuring environmental sustainability, Plan-S contributes significantly to shaping the future of agriculture, making it more resilient and responsive to the challenges of the modern world.

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