Space as a Solution

The Concept of
Space as a Solution

Plan-S takes a forward-thinking business approach centered around the concept of "Space as a Solution". This approach entails leveraging the capabilities of space-based assets, technologies and data to deliver innovative services and solutions across multiple sectors.

First of all, Plan-S places a strong emphasis onsatellite services as a core pillar of its strategy. Connecta T1.1, ConnectaT1.2 and Connecta T2.1 are representative of versatile platforms that address awide range of applications. Designed to deliver essential services such as IoT connectivity and Earth Observation, these satellites contribute to the unique needs of different industries.

Plan-S also recognizes the variety of applications and sectors that can benefit from space-based solutions. Its satellites can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of different sectors, enabling them to provide valuable support to areas ranging from agriculture to environmental monitoring and beyond.

Data analysis and insights are also an important part of Plan-S's approach. Its satellites are equipped with advanced technology that enables them to generate significant amounts of data. This data is then used for in-depth analysis and providing meaningful insights for decision-makers in various sectors. This analytical capability increases the overall value of its space-based services.

Plan-S also offers comprehensive value-added services covering the entire satellite lifecycle. From satellite design and manufacturing to ground station installation and custom software interfaces, Plan-S provides end-to-end solutions that add significant value at every stage of space-based projects.

In addition, Plan-S operates within a strict regulatory environment, adhering to the necessary guidelines and standards governing the space industry. This commitment to compliance ensures the reliability and legality of satellite operations.

Plan-S has reached important milestones in its aim to shape the development and adoption of space-based solutions within the Space as a Solution paradigm. Our company has reached significant milestones, including our contribution to high-resolution satellite imagery, our progress in the data analytics business area, our active participation in collaborative technical and business partnerships, our commitment to the commercialization of space services, and our unwavering dedication to integration with emerging technologies. These accomplishments emphasize our dedication to promoting the objective of pioneering, growing, and enhancing space technology to tackle various challenges and prospects within industries and sectors.


Plan-S's "Space as a Solution" service transforms agriculture with high-res satellite imagery and data analytics for precise crop monitoring. It predicts crop yields, optimizes irrigation with real-time data, and enhances resource-efficient farming.
Energy and Natural Resources
Plan-S's "Space as a Solution" is vital for the Energy and Natural Resources sector, using advanced satellite tech for resource exploration, assessment, mapping, and environmental impact assessments to ensure sustainable and responsible practices.
Urban Planing and Infrastructure
Plan-S's "Space as a Solution" service assists Urban Planning and Infrastructure with high-resolution satellite imagery forurban growth monitoring and disaster risk assessment through early warning systems and post-disaster assessment, enhancing sustainable urban development and resilience.
Disaster Management and Response
Plan-S's "Space as a Solution" service revolutionizes Disaster Management and Response with real-time monitoring, emergency coordination, and post-disaster damage assessment using advanced satellite assets and IoT connectivity, enhancing resilience and expediting recovery efforts.
Environmental Monitoring
Plan-S's "Space as a Solution" service enhances Environmental Monitoring through satellite-based air and water quality analysis and monitoring of land changes, enabling early warning systems, informed decision-making, and conservation efforts.