EO Solutions
for Maritime

The maritime sector is vast and covers a range of activities from shipping and fishing to offshore drilling and port management. Plan-S plays an important role in improving the efficiency, safety and sustainability of the maritime sector through specialized Earth Observation (EO) services.

Ship Tracking and Monitoring:

Plan-S utilizes high-resolution satellite imagery to provide real-time tracking of vessels. This not only reduces the risk of maritime accidents by ensuring that vessels stay on designated routes, but also helps to combat illegal fishing and piracy.

Port Management and Infrastructure:

Satellite data from Plan-S helps port authorities monitor the use and condition of port infrastructure. This data helps optimize cargo movement, efficiently allocate berths, and identify areas in need of maintenance or expansion.

Monitoring the Marine Environment:

With growing concerns about marine pollution, Our EO capabilities are crucial in monitoring oil spills, waste discharge and other pollutants. This ensures quick mitigation measures and accountability in case of environmental violations.

Oceanographic Studies:

For industries that rely on understanding sea conditions, such as fishing or offshore drilling,
Plan-S's satellite data provides information on sea surface temperatures, salinity and ocean currents. Such data is essential for predicting fish migration patterns or assessing the viability of an offshore drilling location.

Coastal Zone Management:

Coastal zones are often plagued by problems such as erosion, land reclamation and urban development. Plan-S's satellite imagery provides a comprehensive overview, assisting authorities in sustainable coastal zone management.

Offshore Energy Exploration:

Companies engaged in offshore oil and gas exploration can utilize Plan-S's satellite data toidentify potential drilling sites, monitor drilling platforms and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Customized Solutions for Special Maritime Needs:

The maritime industry has a variety of challenges, from managing busy shipping lanes to protecting marine biodiversity. Understanding this diversity, We deliver tailored EO solutions to meet the specific requirements of maritime, providing precise and actionable insights.  

The Connecta EO System for Maritime

The maritime industry, with its breadth and complexity, will greatly benefit from the precision and timeliness of Plan-S's Earth Observation services. By integrating this satellite-based information, stakeholders across the maritime spectrum can ensure safer navigation, efficient operations and sustainable use of marine resources.

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